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Psychometric Testing Makes For Better Hiring Decisions

If you build small, restful moments into your day, you’ll be on your way to feeling energized and refreshed. There are many ways to take back your time and reduce overwhelm. Below are three: create pauses in your day, add short bursts of novelty, and show gratitude. Each of the suggestions below can take place in less than a minute.

There are hundreds of jobs hiring in my area everyday, just as there is in your area, you’re just looking in all the wrong places. The jobs I am talking about will hire you faster than you can blink, pay you more money than you ever imagined and better still there are no set hours or travel to and from work. So sit back and meet your new dream job, getting hired today and earning top money is about to become a reality for you.

Find Now Hiring Signs: We often think of retail stores, grocery stores, and fast food establishments when it comes to now hiring signs in the store window. With that said, many businesses use this approach. A now hiring sign that can be bought from the dollar store is a cheap and very effective form of advertising an open job. So lets say that you want to work at a local insurance office; drive or walk by their offices and look for a now hiring sign posted.

But sometimes smaller is better. A taste of something delicious, like a dessert, is yummy. A few bites is just right, but too much leaves you feeling stuffed and uncomfortable.

Studies show that once people have the basics in life, it’s not so much big events that make people happy. For example Daniel Gilbert in, “The Science Behind the Smile*,” says that “big” experiences tend to affect us for about three months, and then the exuberance fades.

However, this is good because it gives you, the applicant, the means to write your resume to fit that hiring manager’s needs. All you have to do is see that the requisite skills and tools necessary are in the Experience section of the resume.

In fact some of these “Free to Join” survey companies will pay you just for taking a fifty minute survey. The best part is that if you join the right survey companies, there is an unlimited number of surveys to take and an unlimited amount of money you can earn. Completing online surveys would have to be one of the easiest jobs you will ever have. It is mostly clicking yes or no questions and occasionally typing in some answers. It’s so easy even teens do them!

Keep an one-line journal. With 30 seconds each day, you can write one line – something about as long as a “tweet”. Think back over your day and remember something that made you feel good – your son turning a cartwheel, the cat stretched out in the sun, smelling a rose, a compliment from a colleague, sipping a cup of tea. Research shows that gratitude helps reduce worry and promote restful sleep.